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You're Invited! "Poly-Anna" Book Launch Party!

Poly-Anna: A short story of one girl and a glimpse at a few of her multiple partners in her journey of an end to her monogamy. This erotic flash fiction is one in a series of three. You'll learn that I am a fan of multiples, three seemed appropriate. I invite you to journey with me as I introduce you to Poly-Anna, formerly known as Anna, before turning her back on monogamy forever.

I'm holding a book launch party on 7/29/19 between 9am and 10am PST and I'd love for you to join me! If you're able to attend, or if you'd like more details, please check out the event details on my Facebook page.

While I personally do not identify as polyamorous per se, I certainly am not monogamous either. No judgement for those who prefer monogamy mind you, you do you. Whatever makes you happy and works with your partner(s), go for that.

I enjoy living the hotwife life, casually dating outside and inside of my open relationship, and enjoying good times with everyone involved. However, my primary partner is polyamorous and I accept him and love him for who he is -- just as I accept and love all of you for who you are, no matter what your lifestyle and relationship choices are. What you do in your life doesn't concern anyone but you and whom you choose to share it with.

I embrace Poly-Anna and my readers that relate to her. I encourage having multiple partners, playdates, and sexy fun with whomever you choose if that's what you are into. As long as everyone involved is aware, gives their consent, and communication is open, honest, and always clear for all involved.

So, celebrate #NationalLipstickDay by using your favorite lipstick, then kiss whomever you choose, leave those sexy lip prints on them, and then head over to Amazon

and enjoy the first book of the Poly-Anna series and hopefully a few orgasms as you finger through the pages. As always, thank you for your wonderful and meaningful support, beautiful Sinners.



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