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No Judgment.

Who are we to judge? Especially to judge the raddest Pope we have ever had? Let that man be! #hornypopesneedlovetoo

I mean, honestly though, who the Hell are we to judge anyone? This article was written with the intent to upset me, anger me, sadden me, etc. but instead, I was just like “Fuck yeah, Pope! I agree!”.What is wrong with anyone “liking” a photo on any social media outlet? I love it when y’all “like” and “retweet” or “share” and “Love” any of my social posts. I would LOVE for The Pope to interact on my socials, but, well...that would really fire up the crowds that found this shameful, wrong, sinful, whatever. The chances that he is actually running any of these accounts are about as likely as me winning the lottery, which like him, I abstain from. Not shockingly, “In the days following media coverage of the fiasco, the Holy See declined to comment. CNA reported Tuesday, however, that an investigation is currently ongoing within the Vatican to determine how the “like” took place.”

I try my very best to promote non-judgment, acceptance, and equality because I truly do not understand the opposite options. None of us are perfect. We all have “stuff” and “issues”. We all handle situations differently. We look vastly different from each other. We love different sexes, same sexes, non-binary, transgender, and asexual people. What does my lifestyle, gender, sexuality, hair color, shoe size, income, etc. have to do with anyone? NOTHING! None of us should be concerned with the likings or preferences of other people. Skin color should not matter to us. Ethnicity should be embraced and celebrated. I’ll never understand how people can judge. Why people judge. Nor will I be able to treat anyone as if they are lesser than me for any reason whatsoever. So, if you do let these kinds of things affect how you view someone or treat them, stop it! Do better. Be better. Demonstrate your devotion to me as fans, family, friends, lovers, etc., and treat others in a way that makes Sindy proud. My Sinners are my favorite humans, but this doesn’t mean I don’t love all humans. The guilt/shame that being judged brings on the mind affects us in so many more ways than emotion. The pressure of the judgment of others is often too much for some to cope with. This why it is important to allow room for empathy in your heart. You know what it feels like to be judged, don’t make others suffer those feelings on account of your actions/words. For example, an article I read earlier this week brought that to the forefront of my attention. “Shawn Mendes says he used to trade sleep for 2-hour workouts out of fear that his fans would stop liking him if he wasn’t in perfect shape.” Ouch. Just that headline makes my heart sink for him. Nobody deserves to feel like they need to give up sleep, relationships, or whatever, to have the so-called perfect bodies, to ensure people like them. This is absurd that this man had to live this struggle. He said “the constant need to be the “pinnacle of fitness” negatively affected him, and he’d think to himself “if you don’t work out, you’re going to lose fans.”

Please, Sinners. Don’t be these “fans”. I appreciate that you admire my body, some of you don’t and I cherish that about you as well, but please see me as so much more than that I am. Your honesty and truest love is all I ever need as the Sinful Sindy I am and all I will ever give to you beauties!




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