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Marketing Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in what I provide as an erotica author, fetish/lingerie/nude model, content creator, toy reviewer, and sex/body positive professional.



For those new to my site, I’m best known for my erotica and A/V content designed to elicit passion, compassion, sexuality, and sex education. 



Since officially launching in 2018, I’ve proudly joined the sex/body positive movement with the power of words. I collaborate with other personalities such as porn stars, other erotica authors, sexologists, musicians, manufacturers, retailers, production companies, and education programs, all with the intention of creating an environment where readers and viewers feel inspired to explore and embrace their unique sexuality in an authentic and healthy way.


I’ve worked hard to create a brand that companies would feel comfortable working and advertising with.


Whether you’re interested in…


  • reaching a large audience via brand integration and/or product placements

  • increasing your companies online presence via banner ads or text links

  • creating attractive and eye-catching banner advertisements specifically designed for your brand

  • providing products for review and/or getting your product in the hands of other reviewers

  • hosting a giveaway or promotion specifically targeted for an adult market

  • sponsoring a sex-positive personality while also advertising your brand


…I’ve got you covered! Or maybe... [un]covered :)


What Eden has to offer

Advertising Opportunities

Banner Ad Placements

Native Advertising 


Written/Vlog Product Reviews


Guest/Sponsored Content

*For more info, please write me and take a look at my Review Info & Terms.


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