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We are suffering, Sinners. We are suffering because we fail to educate and support each other without judgment. We must do our part to help the collective good if we are to reach our highest benevolent potential. Denying any form of education -- especially sex education -- is wildly damaging to us all. Despite the religious beliefs of some, sex happens and it always has happened, and until we are all robots, sex will continue to happen (*sex will even continue after the robotic takeover).

Instead of denying something that will always happen no matter what anyone feels about it, why don't we take a pragmatic approach and teach each other as much as we can about it in order to make the healthiest decisions around sex? The numbers don't have a bias. Abstinence-only approaches lead to higher unplanned pregnancy rates. This isn't opinion. It is fact and it is indisputable. Why does this happen? Well, I'll put it this way: what happens the second you tell a child he/she/they can't have something? That child immediately wants that very forbidden thing. They become obsessed. It happens to all of us the same way. If we forbid someone to date someone from a different social class... need I bring up Romeo & Juliet?

We all crave what is forbidden more than any other things in the Cosmos. Forbidden fruits taste the sweetest. It's as if our unspoken egos get off on proving to the world that it can have exactly what is denied. This is a fact of the human condition and it can be seen throughout history and in our day-to-day lives. We will never have a healthy relationship with sex until we embrace it as a necessary and inevitable aspect of the human experience. Countries where sex is taught, where condoms are readily available, etc., they have the lowest rates of STIs and unplanned pregnancies. We can and we must learn from these examples if we wish to have a healthier culture.

Please take a few moments to view this report on the frightening current state, or lack thereof, of sex ed in America.

We owe our children and we owe ourselves so much more than this. Sex can be a beautiful and meaningful experience whether it ends in pregnancy or not. Sex can be experienced without judgment. Sex can be experienced safely. Sex can be experienced consensually.

One key aspect of my mission is to be a bridge for anyone looking for helpful sexual information and therapy. I am not one to judge and I support all forms of sexuality and asexuality as long as it is consensual, legal, and safe. If you're seeking some insights into sex and sexual topics, please write me and I will be happy to guide you to the best options I have access to. Your privacy is kept completely confidential and I will never share anything you don't want me to.

I am here to love and support you on your sexual journey. Once you learn to embrace your sexuality/asexuality, you will discover a whole new world of bliss and wonderment. And don't worry about the judgment thing with me: I am the Chief Gardener of Eden and I know my way around to help you love yourself and each other as you are and as you grow to be.

With Open Legs,

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