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Real [SEX] Talk

I, Original Sindy, am a sex and body positive erotica author and sexual personality. I encourage you to have sex, I talk about sex, I educate about sex and sexual health and well-being, and I love sharing all things sex with my fans! I never ignore that sex should always be consensual and that in no way should anyone involved be harmed or made to feel unsafe. Sex is a beautiful thing, and among consenting adults, I believe should be explored and adored. With that being said, let’s get real about the fact that it’s not always fun and blissful.

We have to dive into the ugly truth that not all sex is consensual and that sexual abuse is a real issue. Today I want to openly discuss childhood sexual abuse. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 young girls and 1 in 6 young boys experience sexual abuse. These numbers are outrageous and beyond unacceptable. This means that 1 in 5 children are becoming victims of childhood sexual abuse EVERY DAY. 90% of these children know their abusers. Abusers can range from family friends, neighbors, coaches, teachers, counselors, bus drivers, babysitters, even relatives; the list goes on and on. Everyone that you know and trust, your child will learn to trust, I advise you to always be cautious, pay attention, make sure you really know the people you surround yourself and your children with.

Along with being a victim of childhood sexual abuse, comes depression, anxiety, struggling in school, engaging in unhealthy relationships, feeling worthless, substance abuse and even often contemplation/attempts of suicide. Children deserve better. They deserve self-worth and self-confidence, better grades, emotional stability, healthy relationships, and you as their parent, to do all that you can to protect them and to teach them to protect themselves. How? Please visit start to find helpful tips for age appropriate conversations to have with your children or children you know regarding the topics of sexual abuse and predators, facts, myths, interactive workshops to better educate yourself, printable educational materials, videos, etc. You can help prevent childhood sexual abuse and you can be a part of drastically changing the numbers. Together we can demolish the crime of 1 in 5.

The Defend Innocence Program is a branch from the Younique Foundation. Younique is more than just a makeup and skincare company. The mission of Younique is to uplift, empower and validate women. The Younique Foundation was created to help women that were sexually abused as children to learn to cope, to heal, and to reclaim hope. The Younique Foundation has a safe haven retreat where women can go for 4 days and learn to use 5 strategies to reclaim hope with other women that have suffered the same kind of trauma, building lasting relationships, overcoming their fears and regaining the life the sexual abuse as children has stolen from them. Please visit for resources, to apply to attend the retreat (which is completely free to you), even to learn the 5 strategies used to help women reclaim hope.

If you are one of these victims, you are not just a faceless number in a statistic. You are important, you are worthy and you deserve the right to reclaim your hope. You deserve and have the right to reclaim yourself. If you are a parent, an aunt or uncle, a teacher, a pastor, etc., you can learn to have conversations with the children in your life to help prevent them from becoming a victim. You have the tools at your fingertips. As easy as it is to land on, you can land on these sites I have provided and you can better yourself and better our future by lowering these numbers for the sexual abuse that is taking place daily in our World.

Here’s to Healthy & Happy & Consensual Sex,

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