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World Sexual Health Day

Happy #WorldSexualHealthDay, Sinners!

This day, since 2010, has been a worldwide celebrated effort to promote and educate the importance of sexual wellness. What does being sexually healthy mean to you?

Many of us have different understandings of sexual health. For me, being sexually healthy encapsulates both physical and mental well-being. I always strongly advocate regular STI/STD checks for anyone sexually active. For a great resource on where to be tested near you, please visit here.

On top of being aware of my HIV status, it's critical to me that I have open and nonjudgmental discussions with my sexual partners about their sexual histories and always use condoms unless all parties are cleared with clean test results and agree to be fluid-bonded. Condom sex is sexy sex and unprotected sex is sexy sex -- but only when everyone is safe and consensually understands and accepts their choices. When in doubt -- any kind of doubt, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant -- always use a condom.

Aside from the physical side of sexual health, the mental side of sexual health can be just as important. Emotions are often the most powerful force which drives our lives. And sex drives nearly every emotion ever known. By becoming self-aware -- aware of our thoughts, aware of our bodies, aware of our emotions -- we are able to become far more sexually healthy than if we are not. Take time for yourself to take an inventory on how you're feeling before, during, and after sexual play (whether solo or partnered). Be patient with yourself when you convey your thoughts and feelings around sex with others and be patient with them when they express theirs to you.

Together, we can advance our collective sexual health by doing our individual parts and help others feel safe and not judged for their sexuality. Sex is like our taste buds -- we all have our favorite foods and some things taste sweeter to some while not to others. Our sexual story as humans is rich and deserves to be treasured. It starts with us to raise our sexual consciousness and our sexual health.

I welcome you to write in and express yourself any time you like -- anonymously or not. I respect your privacy and honor your vulnerability. I wish you a very happy and sexy World Sexual Health Day, Sinner!

Sinfully Yours,

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