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V Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sinners!

No matter what you think of the “holiday” or how you celebrate, I hope you are filled and surrounded with love and that you are spreading love everywhere you go, not just today... but always. There are many dark and twisted stories and ideas of what Valentine’s Day really is, how it all started, and why we celebrate. I personally choose to ignore all of that and celebrate love all year, in many different ways. I love strangers/ friends I haven’t yet met, I love friends, I love family, I love my primary partner, I love with all of my heart in all situations and I hope you do the same. I don’t need flowers, candy, gifts, etc. to feel love.

I feel love through respect, loyalty, kind gestures, affection and enjoying time spent with Valentine’s whether with gal pals- often referred to now as Galentine’s, a lover, my primary partner, whoever. Sure a day for showing your love and affection with cards and gifts is fun, but for some it is a not-so-friendly reminder of being single, sometimes known as "Singles Awareness Day". First of all, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG OR UNDESIRABLE ABOUT BEING SINGLE. Don't let the greeting card companies convince you otherwise. If being single is your happy place, fill that single space with as much self love as possible and enjoy!

So, celebrate as you will. Remember those in your life who are single and be sure to send smiles their way and remind them that you love them too. I suggest we all find at least one way to demonstrate love today, whether by giving a flower to a stranger, calling a friend we don’t speak to often, taking cookies to firefighters or police, buying a hot cup of coffee for a homeless person, some sort of kindness that will go a long way and that today will have an extra special impact. Show love! Spread love! Be love!

Happy V[ulva] Day to all you sexy Sinners! ~Sindy

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