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*Correction: This was post-dated due to a technical glitch. The correct date was October 27th. I apologize for the delay!

Today is Boxer Shorts Day, Sinners! So, why not take the opportunity to talk about men's underwear? What do my male and male identifying and cross dressing fans prefer in the lines of men’s underwear? I am very curious. I don’t really have a favorite. If I had my preference, I prefer a man who goes commando because I enjoy the thrill and the easiest access in the heat of the moment. But, his comfort is always what I am most concerned about. My lovers enjoy a random variety of dick-donning garments. They wear boxer briefs, briefs, bikinis, and occasionally G-strings. They're not much fans of the boxer shorts, trunks, or classic tighty-whitey styles, which is perfect for me because neither am I. I really dig the brief, because the entire upper thigh and leg is exposed, but the cock and balls and even the buns are closed in, leaving my imagination to run wild. The best kind of briefs are the ones that have the “pouch” for perfectly and properly holding his penis and testicles. I do enjoy the G-strings as well, because I am a big fan of a great ass and enjoy being able to see it and touch it as I please. I am a naughty little vixen and need to indulge my handsy tendencies, when the cheeks are exposed I am bound to slap, pinch, grab and caress them. The G-strings are the most erotic and playful and well, so am I.

I discovered in my research on this topic that the men’s underwear industry has recently started to expand with several innovations.There is a vast amount of different types of underwear. Each of the different types have their own variations. To be honest, men’s underwear styles are too many to count. I had no idea there were so many. For example, briefs aren’t just briefs anymore — not at all; briefs come in low-rise, medium-rise, high-rise, multiple cuts that can expose or hide various parts of a man’s body and there are several different choices when it comes to underwear with pouches. These new innovations include such additions as, package boosting pouches, waist minimizing waistbands, anatomically correct designs and fast drying fabrics but the the options are nearly limitless.

While researching I came across this great idea: “April Masini, a relationship advice expert and columnist, 'seconds the commandment that underwear does include throwing out the old. Your old underwear is not sentimental,' she says. 'It's disgusting. Throw it out. Once a month throw out any underwear that is unpresentable. Gray, ripped, unsightly. Get rid of it. Uncertain? Toss it.” Masini says this purge should be accompanied by buying new underwear regularly. “In fact, every time you get a haircut, buy some new underwear. Link buying new underwear to something you already do on a schedule, so you get into the habit. Don’t get locked into just one type of underwear. My advice is to switch it up — and unless you’re religiously committed to boxers or briefs, have fun with your underwear and have some of both,' says Masini. 'If you have fun with your underwear, she will, too — and everybody wins! Colors, fabrics, cuts, styles — have at least one pair of each. One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to keep things fresh in the bedroom, and while your underwear isn’t a cure-all for bad bedroom skills, it sure can’t hurt.”

So, let’s keep it clean (only in the literal sense, wash ya drawers, man!) and sexy when it comes to covering your goods, guys. We aren’t secretly judging you, we have our preferences, but we are all after what’s inside anyway. If you are finding yourself judging a partner for what they wear, check yourself. There’s no room for judgement, embrace what your partner(s) enjoy and feel most comfortable in. Make them feel safe and accepted and encourage them to be who they are, underwear choices and all.

Loving What's Under There,

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