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The Day of the Girl

In addition to #ComingOutDay, today is also another special day of celebration: the #DayOfTheGirl!

Today, we celebrate all those who identify as girls of all ages and all walks of life. Especially while we live in a world that undervalues those of us who identify as female, we need to come together to manifest a better destiny for all of us. As with any other marginalized segment of the global population, when we hold some of us behind, we truly hold all of us behind.

If you identify as a girl -- whether born that way or not -- I salute you and celebrate you. You are more than a pretty face with a stunning figure. So much more. You are indeed beautiful, but your truest beauty comes from what you give.

Generally speaking, girls bring the human species so much brightness. From surprising you with freshly baked cookies, to raising children (quite often alone), to making tremendous advances in science, to being the cast of most of your wildest sexual fantasies, to bringing humanity most of its smiles, to creating some of the greatest music ever recorded, to writing stories that have lasted hundreds of years, to helping those less fortunate, girls are precious treasures and they should be treasured as such. With our individual help, we can heal the world by inspiring and encouraging our girls to pursue their dreams and education.

In loving reverence of girls on this special day, here are a few select clips that demonstrate the power of the Sacred Feminine. In no particular order, here are some of my heroines:

1.) A true musical powerhouse of a Lady.

2.) A youthful explorer determined to boldly go where no girl (nor non-girl) has gone before.

3.) A resourceful engineer who can feed a village for almost no cost.

Too often, popular culture ignores and looks down on women who embrace their sexuality. One HUGE part of my mission is to break this misguided practice and urge people to celebrate girls who are brave enough to be themselves fully -- especially sexually -- and teach the rest of us to do the same. There are so many female sex workers who are highly educated and they deserve to be honored and celebrated as much as every other girl who demonstrates leadership and self-reliance.

While there are a couple males included in the following 2 videos, I feel they do a great job of exposing the truth that many of your favorite female pornstars are very educated, very smart, and very awesome. To all you fellow sex, fetish, kink, erotic performers & producers & providers & workers, I admire you, I love you, I stand with you, I am in awe of you.

Support your girls. This day and every day hereafter. We will all be better off if and when you do. We will all be better off if and when we do.

Your Girly Gardener of Eden,

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