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Coming Out of the Shadows

A day for celebration indeed! Today is COMING OUT DAY! I am so excited for all of my sexy little Sinners who have discovered yourselves, embraced yourselves, and dug down deep in your beautiful souls to muster up the courage and find the bravery to proclaim to yourselves, your families, friends, co-workers, employers, the world... that yes, you my lovelies are NOT STRAIGHT (*not that there's anything wrong with being straight)! In whatever way you feel is the best expression for you, claim it! Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Polyamorous, Polysexual, Non-Binary, Asexual, Pansexual, Aromantic, etc.

Whoever you are and whatever title you claim, I love you. I accept you. I am proud of you. I embrace you with all of my most loving capabilities. I celebrate you today! Coming out is not just for saying “guess what, I am not straight/heterosexual”. It is for accepting whatever sexual orientation you are, whatever sexual being you are and whatever gender you identify with. If you have a sexually identifying secret that you lock away and you feel closeted by, I invite you to come out and celebrate your wonder with me and our fellow residents of Eden! My piece of the Garden is a safe place. If you feel you want to come out publicly on any of my social media outlets or even to me personally in a message, I encourage you to do it! Let your voice be heard, honey. You deserve celebration and recognition for being you. I do not tolerate hate and our community will not shame you. We embrace you, we love you and we care about you. You are accepted.

Though coming out day is an exciting day for so many, it can be extremely difficult. Coming out is no easy feat. I know, I’ve done it. Today might be a very hard day for those that hear your news. Let that be okay. You might not get the reactions you hope for, you might just get the reactions you fear most. But, you know what? Even if those closest to your heart don’t understand, judge you, make you feel shame, don’t accept you or make you feel unworthy of their love, baby, you have a huge community to support you and to help you through these tough times. A community of lovers that understand the trials and tribulations of feeling shame, staying closeted, coming out with or without the bravery that is so necessary, but not always available. We have been through it, we have been judged, we have been shamed, we have felt worthless as if there was something wrong with us. We teach each other, we learn from one another. We talk each other down when the pains and the regret for being who we are get to be too much and we try to harm ourselves or worse. We get it. We are a community and we are here for you. Reach out. I have helpful resources for you, I have answers for you, I have unconditional, unsolicited love for you available whenever you need it.

Did you know that between this time last year and today 37 celebrities have come out? If we think it is torture to tell our grandparents or parents, imagine telling the entire world! They risk their careers, losing fans, falling from their high society classes, etc. Guess what? So do we. They are no different. We feel the same pressures, the same pains, we put our careers on the line, we risk losing family and friends -- supposedly our biggest fans. We risk being judged by landlords and losing the roof over our heads. We risk our children being made fun of and shamed for having parents different from their peers. Celebrities are people. They may have more money than us and bigger houses, better cars, affordable surgeries to maintain the image of “perfect”, etc. But, at the end of they day, they are human. We are all human. No matter how we choose to live our lives, whom we choose to have sex with, what we wear, which restroom we feel most comfortable using, etc. We are all human. We all bleed red, we all have beating hearts in our chests, we have emotions, we hurt, we love and we deserve to be loved.

Have you heard about Facebook's new Came Out feature?! How awesome!

This is a day for self disclosure, self acceptance, self love and self worth. You are you and you are perfect. Let your rainbow lights shine bright, throw glitter in the air “cause baby, you were born this way” ~Lady Gaga

Wishing the Happiest #ComingOutDay to all you Sexy Sinners!

*If you are feeling pressured to come out but you are not ready to shout from the rooftops today, don’t. You do this in your time, in your way. Only when you feel comfortable and you feel safe to do so, then, you celebrate you as you and ask those you love to join you in your celebration. In the meantime, please reach out if you are struggling. I am happy to help, message me, email me, somehow get in touch with me. If you do not feel comfortable with me, there are professionals happy to help, you are not alone. Dial 1-800-273-8255 (suicide hotline) if you feel you are in a place of danger from yourself. You are worth it. Please make the call. If you are suffering in other ways and not feeling thoughts of self harm or suicide, please connect with me -- your identity is safe and I have strict rules for discretion. I am happy to help get you in touch with the right professional for you.

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