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LGBTQIA OURstory Month

Happy October, Sinners!

We've officially landed in LGBTQIA History Month and that is a LOT to celebrate! For all the figures who dance in our history books, so many of them are often omitted because of their sexual preference. That is both pathetic and obviously avoidable. Especially since the majority of us are not on either end of the hetero-homo spectrum, we need to honor everyone who contributes to our greater good -- regardless of anything beyond their notable contributions.

It is high time we celebrate all the leaders of the world who help us collectively grow and bring us closer together. The following short list is that of my personal favorite LGBTQIA historical figures who change(d) the world for the better. There are plenty others who changed the world, but did so with violence... so that is why I have left them out of my list of LGBTQIA heroes and heroines. These are not listed in any particular order:

Leonardo da Vinci -- this iconic Renaissance poster boy had an impeccable eye for the masculine as evidenced in his work and was notably accused of homosexuality on multiple occasions. Whether he had sex with men or not, he certainly had an intimate understanding with the male form. And I, personally, could stare at the Vitruvian Man... all. day. long.

Lily & Lana Wachowski -- formerly "Andy" and "Larry," respectively, these sisters brought us the mind-altering story of The Matrix and V for Vendetta and other incredible stories. Both trans women continue to bring the world their unpredictable scripts and concepts. I'll take their "red pill" any day!

Ellen DeGeneres -- This lovable bundle of sweetness needs no introduction. Aside from her brilliant comedy, she continues to be a leader for the LGBT community and continues to spread the best love and positivity found online on her very own "Ellen Tube".

Oscar Wilde -- This Irish gem of a man is right up there with Mark Twain for me as far as having the greatest quotes ever. A playwright and poet who ALWAYS keeps you thinking, I'll never get enough of his timeless words and insights.

Alfred Kinsey -- perhaps the most famous sexologist in history, Dr. Kinsey gathered some of the first empirical evidence on human sexuality and determined that most people's sexuality is relatively fluid throughout the course of their lives. His bravery in studying sex at a time when the subject was incredibly taboo should be recognized as much as his findings.

Lily Tomlin -- Tomlin's multi-decade performances have entertained and engaged audiences the world over. With her ever-present wit and precision-timing, she knows just what to say and when to say it to land a laugh without alienating anyone. Her classic stand up comedy bits hold up year after year and I have tremendous respect for this beautiful soul.

By no means is this list exhaustive -- far from it. It is a mere blip of the story of LGBTQIA history. For all the "hims" of history and all the "hers" of herstory and beyond, I look forward to the day when we call our collective past just that: OURstory.

To all the LGBTQIA people and events of the world, I salute you. I see you. I honor you. I appreciate you. This is ourstory.

With Love,

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