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The Pursuit of Fappiness

Let's Talk about Sex, Baby...

It is not unusual for people to be shy about seeking sex and/or relationship advice. That’s why Original Sindy is here. I want my little piece of Eden to be the safe place you can come to with questions or concerns. I want you to know that you are not judged, are accepted, are loved, are understood and should feel comfortable in seeking advice from me. Think of our interweb interaction as you talking to your friend. Heck, sit down at your computer with a latte and pretend we are on a coffee date. I am here to listen, to give advice, to provide educated resources for you and to do so with a positive and loving vibe.

I want you to understand sexual health, both physically and mentally. I want you to transform any negative thoughts you have regarding sex, into positive thoughts. I want you to heal any wounds you may have from a sexual experience that left you feeling negatively about sex in general. You have probably heard or read that your brain is not only a sex organ, but our most important sex organ. How? Our brains control our sexual responses. How we react to being aroused, to the act of sex, to fantasies and desires regarding sex (where these are created!), how we identify sexually and our overall responses to discussions of sex topics all depend on our brains. It is vital that we feed and nourish our brains with all things sex, to develop our sexual responses, to be able to comfortably discuss sexual topics, to stay aware of how our bodies respond to certain actions and to accept our feelings about sex. With that in mind, let’s talk about the most uncomfortable sex topic I have sexy sinner fans write in about.


Masturbation has been given a bad rep, mostly from select religions and cultures. Masturbation is a societal no-no, a sinful act, taboo behavior, etc. We have heard it all, right? These ideas only leave us feeling shame, guilt and often even fear. Well, I am here to tell you that masturbation is perfectly normal and is something we should all be doing and enjoying. Men masturbate more often than women do, but why? Let’s change that, ladies. Not only is this belief incorrect, but we won’t let them beat us in the game of beating off. We can work it too, we may not jerk off, but we can certainly get off! According to Indiana University's National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, more than half of American adults report masturbation between one and four times a week. This goes back to the brain being our most important sex organ. Do we enjoy masturbation (a.k.a. "fapping" c/o Sindy's Dicktionary) and other types of solo touching? If not, why not? What have we allowed our brains to receive and store to have an automatic negative response to this act? Why do we feel shame if we masturbate or enjoy our own touch? If you simply don’t enjoy it, then more power to you. If, however, you don’t do it because of what you’ve been trained to think and feel about it, now’s the time to look deeply into that so you can begin healing and begin feeling so much better in more ways than one.

I personally enjoy masturbation but can admit to not doing it as often as I could or should. Why are we slacking off and not getting off more frequently? Knowing my body and what I enjoy, where that magical spot is and how to get it turned on and rev up the pleasuring touch until I cum is the most intimate relationship I will ever have with myself. I usually like to keep one hand occupied around and inside my womanhood while the other hand caresses my lovely lady lumps and squeezes my nipples. I often trace my curves and allow myself to appreciate my own touch. My hands are dainty and soft and I am fond of my long fingers and their feminine touch. What do you enjoy?

I also enjoy masturbating for my partners to watch, typically it gets them off too, which results in double the pleasure for me. Are you a solo masturbator or do you enjoy an audience?

Masturbation can be very healing. When I am overly emotional, banging out an orgasm on my own makes me feel better. My self-embrace and sweet soft touch might be part of it… maybe it is the sense of empowerment, maybe it is the achievement itself or maybe it is a sensory overload that somehow reconnects the loose wires in my brain and with my body. Whatever it is, I revel in the high and the comfort of it.

I do know that orgasms cause the body to release dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. Boosting these 3 hormones through orgasm actually lowers our levels of cortisol, which is our main stress hormone and oxytocin in high levels is the result of the feelings of happiness. So masturbation is REALLY good for us. Our brains and our bodies benefit from the orgasms we give ourselves.

Another fun fact, when women masturbate regularly, they tend to feel more positive about their bodies, they feel sexy and they own it. Self-pleasure leads to better self-esteem. When men masturbate regularly, they can increase their sperm count. We have nothing to lose by masturbating, but we have plenty to gain. Let’s wash those hands and get to work, you Sexy Sinners!

With Love & Lust,

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