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Popping the Cherry Myth

One of the most misunderstood aspects of female anatomy is paradoxically one of the most obsessed over: the hymen.

The hymen inherited its name from the Greek word for "membrane" and shares a name with the Greek god of marriage... perhaps this is the foundation of the psychosis and erroneous beliefs around this small donut-shaped fold of vaginal flesh.

To help dispel some of the myths around this vulva-lesque character, I highly recommend the following TED talk on the subject.

There have been such pervasive misunderstandings around the hymen that many women around the world have even resorted to cutting themselves in some way on their wedding nights so not to dishonor their families and marriages by not leaving blood behind on their post-coital bedding. It's high time we put an end to such unhealthy and damaging nonsense. While many experience pain during their first vaginal intercourse, pain is by no means required for sex to be new. The presence or absence of a hymen reflects only the presence or absence of a hymen. Thinking otherwise is a true source of pain and anxiety.

What are some other ideas you have heard about the hymen? Have they affected your life? With your vulnerability, we can all heal and get down to business between the sheets (or on top of them if you prefer 🍎🐍💋).

Your Fellow Sinner in the Garden,


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