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Frisky Film Friday

Happy Friday, my Sexy Little Sinners!

I hope you have had a steamy week full of sinsational sex and pleasure. Today, and frequent Fridays hereafter, I will share with you a few reviews, thoughts, and tips for some hot porn...the good, the bad, and the extra kinky.

With an astounding 81 MILLION VISITORS A DAY to PornHub alone in 2017, the world is wildly hungry for watching people get it on. And with all the countless genres, you can be sure that there is a market out there just for you and your specialized brand of kink! Over the years, I've discovered that porn is as personal as your taste buds. Some like it hot, sure. But many others like it cold, sweet, hard, soft, spicy, crispy, and so on.

I am not a huge fan of old school porn with the tacky music, terrible scripts, and plots that usually end up to not be worth the wait... don't get me wrong though, some of it is extremely sexy! I am, however, a huge fan of livestreamed sex. Recently, one of my partners and I decided to livestream (or broadcast) ourselves having sex online. We often do, sometimes he even does it without my knowledge (*but always has my consent, of course). That’s another benefit of being blindfolded and tied up, you don’t know whether strangers are watching from their screens or not.

What do you feel about livestreaming sex? There is nothing for the audience to wait for, it is just happening. They can enjoy it immediately. Knowing that I am the star of the show instantly has me extremely turned on. In true exhibitionistic form, I thoroughly enjoy knowing that people are watching me get off, to then get off themselves. I love to see the rapid responses of other couples who start livestreaming after watching us and knowing they were aroused at our broadcasted sexcapades. The comments left during and after our sex has gone live get me excited and ready to go again in no time too. I thrive off of watching my partner’s reactions to showing off what is His and seeing what people say in response to Him giving it to me hard, or gagging me on His big Cock. We have done strictly oral on livestream, we have done anal, 69... well, you name it... and we have likely done it for audiences online.

There are several sexy sites to set your webcams to that I use regularly. I'll write about those specific ones in another post, but feel free to write me if you're curious (discretion is always given and respected in my Garden so don't worry about your secret getting out when it comes to me). Have you done the livestream sex thing yet? If not, I highly recommend it. It is a serious confident booster for sure and can be a lot of sexy fun. As we all know, I don’t do boring ;)

So what's your porn palette like, Sinners? Write me and I just might make some for you sometime soon... XXX.


Original Sindy

Sindy’s Sinspiration Quote of the Day:

“What one person sees as degrading and disgusting and bad for women might make some women feel empowered and beautiful and strong.” – Sasha Grey

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