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Monday Myth and Myth Bust

Welcome to the sexy start of the week, Sinners!

This is my first official Monday Myth & Myth Bust -- where I will share an erotic figure or story from mythology and end with a sexual myth/misconception and clear it up and expose how it was busted.

Prende, the wife of Perendi (the Arabian God of Thunder), was the goddess of love and beauty in Arabian Mythology. Better known in Armenian as "Zonja e Bukuris," translated to “Lady of Beauty,” she was worshipped mainly in Northern Albania and her worshipers were mostly women. Talk about some smart ladies recognizing the inner and outer beauty of a fellow sister! After Albania became Christianized in the early middle ages she was deemed St. Anne, Mother of Virgin Mary. Her sacred day is Friday... which I'm already ready for, girl!


MYTH -- Girls like a long dick, long dicks are the better dicks, the longer the better…

BUSTED: UCLA did a study in which they 3D printed several penises of varying sizes. It was found that women on average prefer girth over length. What are your thoughts? The study also revealed that women tend to prefer an average length of just 6.5”. I personally love them all and find each has its own batch of benefits. What are your faves? Why? Feel free to comment or write me your feelings on the subject and let me know if you'd like your response to be shared anonymously or credited :)

Have any myths you'd like to see busted? Send me a message to plant the seed and I will bust that nut 🐍🍎👄


P.S. -- Happy Birthday, Emily Bronte and Happy #PaperbackBookDay <3

P.P.S. -- Are you following me on Twitter and Instagram? You should be xxx

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