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Original Sindy's Dic[k]tionary

Original Sindy-

It’s in the name...the Original Sin as we know it: Eve's tasting the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil after the Serpent convinced her to as well as her giving it to Adam. Their rebellion... mankind was forever doomed…blah blah blah. I wholeheartedly embrace the alleged "sinful" rebellion and want everyone to know they are worthy, valued, sexy and necessary. Fruit is delicious and was created to sweeten our lives. Savor its juicy goodness with me, won't you?

The OS Community is one for education and warm sensual embrace of all things sexual and literary. To that end, I will sporadically roll out sexual definitions as they're commonly understood in the zeitgeist (as well as toss in some glossary terms and meanings of my own, from time to time) to increase awareness and lessen the taboo qualities of our collective interests, fetishes, kinks, and desires. Have a word or words you'd like me to explain? Please write me and let me know as I'd be more than happy to do just that!

To get things started slowly... some foreplay-wordplay (does that make it "forword"?) to wet your whistle:

Sinternet- The internet world in which Original Sindy plays.

Sexucation- Original Sindy is all about sex education. In every sense. Not your typical middle school sex ed, but embracing fetishes and lifestyles not always openly discussed, embracing all humans for who they are without judgment. Safety and consent required, otherwise Original Sindy isn’t interested in sharing, so keep it safe and agreeable, sinners!

Sinspiration- Original Sindy wants to inspire her fans to be themselves and to love one another, no matter our differences. All humans have a sexy side, sex is natural and should be welcome in consensually-desired adult relationships. I want to inspire you to learn about ways of sex and sexuality you might otherwise disregard as “weird” or “taboo”- education is key and we need to learn about one another and why we find certain ways intriguing. Who knows? You might just open up, spread your legs, and allow yourself to try something new. I sure hope so!

Genesis- The Beginning. Let’s start a new journey together! We will talk about sex historically through our current day and explore the ways of our ancestors and predecessors.

Serpent- Tease, trickster, master of convincing... and oh, is he good at it!

Forbidden Fruit- This can be virginity, an open mind, a sexual desire (whether conventionally accepted or not), anything we want it to be. Pluck it from the Tree of your Desires... is your mouth watering yet? Mine certainly is.

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