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Warm Welcum & Provocative Plans & Thrilling Thanks

Thank you, dear sexy reader, for taking a bite of the forbidden fruit with me and for finding your way to my corner of Eden's Garden. I hope for it to be one of the hottest and most Sinteresting blogs you will find on the Sinternet.

I am Original Sindy, an Erotica author, sex toy reviewer, nude/fetish model, Sexucation enthusiast and overall sex positive figure. Thank you for checking out my website and however else you may have stumbled upon my naughty little blog. You will see blog posts from me at least 2 times a week, sometimes more. I invite you to view my videos/vlogs on YouTube and check out my upcumming Bodcast as well. I update my website regularly with books I am writing ( and newly published pieces) as well as events I am holding and/or attending.

I am a fan friendly writer, entertainer, and all-around literary nerd who thoroughly enjoys your feedback and hearing what you would like to have me write about or watch me review or watch me do, etc.

I can't think of a more appropriate date to undress my content. This day in 1995, sold its first book (Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought by Douglas Hofstadter). As things progress, I will touch on many "fluid" and "creative" anal-ogies of my own! Also on this date, J.D. Salinger's iconic Catcher in the Rye was published in 1951. Lastly, today is officially known as World Snake Day! As the Old Testament's Eve famously said, "...the serpent beguiled me, and I did eat." (Gen. 3.13.). Basically, what I'm saying is... I feel ya, gurl.

What exactly is a Sexucation enthusiast? I am all about non-formal sex education and sharing my wealth of (mostly learned from experience) knowledge with anyone who craves it. We will discuss topics such as; safe and sexy anal play, outdoor sex, role playing, period sex, healthy sex tips, masturbation techniques and tricks, being bisexual, asexuality, gender pronouns, swinging, polyamory, you name it -- if it is sexually and/or literary based, I am an open mind and willing to teach what I know and learn what I do not and then share it with my fellow “sinners”.

Let’s briefly talk about what a sex positive figure is. I am a highly sexual being that has absolutely zero time for any type of disrespect, racism, phobias, or general douche-baggery/bitchiness toward others. My corner of Eden is the one without judgment -- all are welcome to play and explore. I believe that all humans have the right to love, be loved, and the right to choose who they want to consensually spend their time and lives with as well as how they choose to live. Regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, creed, or gender, etc., as long as it is consensual and safe, nobody is harmed or hurt emotionally or physically and everyone is happy -- then fuck what judgmental society thinks and says. I say don’t only love whom you choose to -- but fuck who you want, how you want, when you want -- and while avoiding trouble -- where you want (consensually speaking, of course). If I still have your attention, congratulations for also being sex positive and not a total wanker (in a bad way, that is). I LOVE to talk about sex, have sex, model in sexy photo shoots, write erotica with sinfully hot sex scenes, dress sexy, encourage others to let out their sexy sides, and to be a positive influence for all things sex.


Original Sindy

Sindy’s Sinspirational thought of the Day:

“Be the most sexual version of you and ensure that you naturally end up in the most inappropriate thoughts of others.”

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