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Sex Toy Reviews

First of all, OMG! The Paloqueth Clit Sucker is the absolute best choice when it comes to sex toys. Paloqueth knows what they are doing when mastering the art of creating a sex toy. Genius!

I received the package when I was out of town, so I had to wait until I returned to use it. I could hardly contain myself. I was so excited! I came home and I immediately tore into the package. The box was very chic, I had to get my hands on the toy. The toy itself is a beautiful purple and so sleek and soft! It’s easy to hold, no awkward wrist-twisting exercises necessary. I had never used a clit sucking toy before, so I was thrilled to try it, yet, to be honest, a little skeptical of it.


I charged it (by plugging in the USB to my laptop and using the magnetic connection to the toy, which is so cool!) for the recommended 3 hours, which seemed like torture as I waited in high anticipation of my personal playtime. I warmed myself up with my fingers, getting myself nice and wet to make my playtime easier and more fun, less work.

My first thought when I turned it on, was how very impressed I was with how quiet it is,

especially for the power this baby gives off. I started slow, just with the sucking sensation on level 1 (there are 6 levels!) and that was enough for the first round. I came so quickly, I had to go back for more. The sucking sensation is pure magic. I can’t think of a human that has done a better job sucking my clit than this charged up toy did. The orgasm was fast but like none other I had had before. I came before I even realized I was orgasming, I just knew it felt amazing while it was sucking. On my second round, I started slow again, this time with simultaneous vibration at level 2 (7 levels of vibrating bliss!) and sucking on level 3, I slowly increased the levels higher. My entire body was quivering with delight. My toes were curled so tightly I thought they might never uncurl. The orgasms were one after another and so hard and intense that at one point, I literally felt like I was hovering over my own body and watching the action from above as if the girl lying on the bed were someone else. I was in another space and time

altogether. I lost count of how many times this thing got me off. I didn’t know my name, the day, the year, or anything other than the pure euphoria I was experiencing from multiple orgasms and never wanting the pleasure to stop. This was better than any high I have ever been on. As I increased both vibration and sucking sensations, I lost my mind completely. I reached the full potential of the sucking and vibrating sensations and had enough mind control back at this point, I made myself wait it out before cumming one last time, just to fully experience this toy in all of its glory. I wriggled and writhed, found myself panting, again my entire body was shaking

and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I released all of the pent up sexual energy I had left and came again. My pussy throbbed for hours after. I believe she was begging for more, but at this point, I had to tap out and wait until the next day to send myself into euphoric magic again. I have used it daily since. I will never stop using it.


The Paloqueth Clit Sucker will travel with me, I refuse to be anywhere without it again. I hope to see a smaller, remote-controlled version in the future so that I can use it discreetly with my partner in control while we are out and about. Until then, this is the best of the best in my opinion.

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