“Sinsual in the absolute best way” 

~ Anonymous Reader


I, Original Sindy, am a sex & body positive bestselling erotica author and sexual personality. Equal parts class, sass, and ass (xoxo... with a bit more xxx). My work is created to arouse, entertain, and engage. I will soon host my anticipated "Bodcast" here on this site and I'm a frequent guest on several radio shows, blogs, vlogs, Cons and other festivals. I've been a featured model in a variety of publications and spicy websites. My mission is to inspire my readers and audiences to embrace the full rounded beauty that is their unique sexuality and guide them through healthy and loving expressions of that beauty.  



This site and community are those for inclusion and embrace. We only accept love and compassion here. I exist to elevate consciousness, intellectualism, intelligence, sexual expression, literacy, and grammar. Your participation is both critical and valued. This is a safe place for you to feel beautiful and sexy as you are. This is a place where you may discover others who feel as you do. This is a place to learn about ideas and kinks outside your comfort zone to explore and discuss. If it's safe, legal, and consensual, it's sexy. You keep doing you... and let others do you sometimes too if that's your thing! 









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